Contact Us

Director: Virgil Hooe
Questions on our program:
Questions on camps/clinics: Dana Aasland
Questions on accounts:  Roxie Knight
ALL billing inquiries should be directed here
Please send all payments (unless otherwise stated for camps/schools/clinics) to:
Midnight Sun Volleyball Accounting
6930 Viburnum Drive
Anchorage, AK 99507
DO NOT give payments to coaches or to Virgil unless prior arrangements have been made.
You should have contact information for your team coach and that is who you should text or email the REASON for your absence.  If you cannot get ahold of your coach, please email the coach running the division as shown below.  They will get the information to your direct coach.
Please remember our policy on missing practices and tournaments.  You are allowed 2 unexcused and potential removal from the program on the 3rd one.
Spring League
Rachel VanderMartin
Should you not be able to reach any of the above, you can send an email to and the information will get forwarded.