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Tournament schedule for Jan. 31st:  jan. 31 tourney



If you plan on attending the Recruiting class being offered on 1/28, please send an email to to let us know of your intent to be there.  We are trying to get an idea of the number of attendees as we are preparing a handbook that will be available at the class. 

There will be a Recruiting Class for C division & above

Date, Time & Place:  1/28/15     7:15 – 8:30 pm  Hanshew MPR

This seminar will help those interested in potentially playing volleyball in college to get information on how to proceed with getting the proper start to promote yourself as a player as well as how to start to compile your records to create your portfolio.

We request that a parent attend with the player to reinforce the information given but we believe it is the player’s responsibility to start this process.


New info on travel teams has been posted on the travel team page (1.11)

We have had a change in the tournaments we are selecting to attend.  Please review the travel team page to see if any of these changes pertain to your age group if you are interested in traveling.


DO NOT SET UP A SECOND FAMILY ACCOUNT WHEN APPLYING FOR THE TRAVEL TEAM CONSIDERATIONS.  IF YOU DO NOT REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD, PLEASE USE THE ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ ACTION TO ACCESS YOUR ORIGINAL SET UP FAMILY ACCOUNT.  This allows all your previous set up information and program participation information to pull forward with each event/program. Also, you will not be added to ANY of the tournament location lists if you do not select YES for the ones you are interested in being considered for. ************************************************************************ New AT&T rules for participants and spectators: ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE GYM EXCEPT WATER BOTTLES!!!! NO COFFEE REGARDLESS OF THE STRENGTH OF THE CONTAINERS AND NO SPORT’S DRINK BECAUSE OF THE SUGAR CONTENT.  YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE UNDER THE NEW RULES SO DO NOT GET MAD AT THE PERSON DELIVERING THE MESSAGE. Spectators must be either in the bleachers or can bring lawn chairs  in and put them ON THE BLUE TARPS ONLY!!!!  If there is no room on the tarps, you must sit in the bleachers at the end of the court or outside of the netting. Only players, coaches or officials will be allowed on the playing surface with the players and coaches along the back walls, coaches and players only will be allowed in the players area during matches as the team benches will be on the opposite site of the blue tarps and SPECTATORS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE SAME SIDE AS THE PLAYERS BENCHES.  ALL SPECTATORS BELONG ON THE BLEACHERS, OR ON THE BLUE TARPS IF YOU BRING A CHAIR to keep the floor from being marked up. We have also been warned about kids running around. They must be in the bleachers with you or outside the netting.  All shoes must be dried off before entering the main court and that includes parents, coaches, players, and spectators.  Tough new rules this season so help us make things go smoothly as the ATT staff will be out enforcing and demands that we do the same as it is our function. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************